Welcome to Freedom Reads

Liberate yourself from the mainstream.


Enrollment is currently closed. When the group is finished reading the current book, enrollment will open!

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Liberate yourself from the mainstream

If you are looking to grow, learn from world-class authors and game-changers who stretch the narrative of excellence, then this group is for you.

This is a book club for the exceptional, the thinkers, disruptors, challengers, and doers of the world. 

We bring you a community of like-minded individuals to elevate together. 

Welcome to ….
The power of the written word….FREEDOM READS

How It Works

We bring the author, thought leader or people we feel are of impact on the book topic to discuss each book we read. 

Join a likeminded community of women & men looking to elevate themselves and think beyond just the words printed on paper.


This is a membership based bookclub.  The club fee is $17.99 a month, not including the cost of the book - you are responsible for purchasing your own books. The fee of $17.99 is reoccurring each month until you cancel.  Membership must be cancelled 30 days before your next draft.

About Our Founders

Dr. Gabrielle Lyon & Emily Frisella have been friends for several years and the one thing that was always constant was the text messages exchanging book recommendations. 

All titles had a few things in common: They made you think, a focus on personal development and emphasis on leadership. In the era of IG, Youtube, Facebook and other social platforms where you are being told what to think and how to act, we offer you a space to what seems to be a forgotten tradition, reading pen to paper.

The traditional way knowledge was secured was in story and text. Through literature, reading, and scholarly discussion.


  1. Do I need to sign up each enrollment period? 
    No, your membership continues until you cancel.
  2. What if I have already read the book you assign? 
    Great! Rereading helps solidify information. The books we choose we have read 3 or more times and they are books you can learn from each time. Plus, with the Think Point Sheets and discussions on the calls, it makes you see things in a new light and learn new things from other members.
  3. When are the zoom calls? 
    After we release a book title, the first live zoom call is a brief welcome call, usually 7-10 days after the announcement and then bi-weekly after that until the book is complete. Live calls typically occur on Mondays at 3pm CST. We will always remind you and let you know well in advance if anything changes.
  4.  What if I can't be on the live calls?   
    No worries! We record each call and then within 24 hours after the call we post the zoom replay link as well as the Think Point sheet for the upcoming chapters in the app and email them to you as well.
  5. Are the zoom calls video or audio? 
    Video, with Gabrielle & Emily as the hosts. We work through the Think Point Sheets and discuss each question. You can choose to be on camera or simply listen to the audio with your camera off. So basically, don't feel any pressure to be on camera- if you want to be in sweats and hair in a wild bun- no one will see you (unless you want them to! haha! )
  6. When do we find out what book we will read? 
    We release the book title 7-10 days before we begin the book. This allows you time to borrow or purchase the book.
  7. Is there a Facebook group? 
    No, we are on a separate platform. In your welcome email (if you choose to sign up) you will get all the links and info on where to join and start interacting with the group.
  8. Who is this group for?
    Freedom Reads are for men & women looking to grow personally & professionally and have deeper, more meaningful conversations with like-minded people.